CCTV report :A 300,000 units of Annual Capacity Project was Launched
by JMIE Updated:2017-11-22 11:34:51

CCTV report: JMEV’s new base of new energy vehicle was launched few days ago at JiangXi, China. This project investment in total is 12 billion RMB, and will be implemented by two phases. The goal of phase one is to achieve a production capacity of 150 thousand new energy vehicles per year, which is planned to be finished by the 2nd half of 2019, and the production capacity would be reaching 300,000 units per year once the phase two finished. This new base will be the industrial benchmark for new energy vehicle manufacturing automation, intellectualization, informatization, digital energy saving and environmental protection.




Note: CCTV is the most authoritative news channel in China.