Euro VI Standard Engine “RZ4E” was Officially Listed
by JMIE Updated:2017-12-11 10:43:20

In Nov 26, 2017, Euro VI Standard Engine “RZ4E” was officially listed in the products catalogue of Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co. Ltd.

Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013, its yearly sales amount rapidly rising from 10,000 units in the early stage to 80,000 units in 2017, and it will achieve the goal that more than 10,000 units’ monthly sales in Dec, 2017.

RZ4E engine is the latest generation diesel engine of Isuzu, its displacement is 1.898L, rated power is 120KW, and the output per liter achieves 63.22KW; The top torque of the engine is 360N· m; The emission of the prototype engine reaches Euro VI standard. In the future, this engine will be used in D-MAX and mu-X of Jiangxi Isuzu, and the yearly production was planned at 4,000 units to 5,000 units.

RZ4E Engine uses VGT turbocharger, bypass type high voltage electronic control EGR device, its electric generator has OAD structure and LIN adjustment function; In the injection system, it uses third generation CRS common rail system of BOSCH, which provides 2,000bar oil pressure to the oil supply system. And also, many noise reduction measures were applied in this engine to ensure it can works more quietly.

RZ4E diesel engine has a more compact structure and higher performance than the previous products, and it can be widely used in Pickup, Light truck, SUV, Light bus and multiple types of vehicle.