JMEV Will Release Three Brand New Electric Vehicles
by JMIE Updated:2017-12-22 10:39:10

With the policy support, new energy vehicles developed rapidly. After passed the new energy MPV production authentication from China Development and Reform Commission, JMEV also got the product admittance from MIIT of China, then JMEV became the 3rd company in China which got the entirely production permission in new energy vehicle area.  

In coming 2018, JMEV will release 7 model vehicle include 2 brand new electric SUV in order to achieve the goal that over 100,000 sales amount on or before 2020.

The goal of 100,000 units’ sales goal was nearly half achieved

According to the official data statistics provided by JMEV, The yearly sales amount of 2015 is 5,272 units, and it reached 15640 units in 2016. In 2017, the yearly sales amount already reached 21352 by the end of Oct. So there are only 58,000 units left before the 100,000 unit’s sales goal being reached.

JMEV was ranked 5th in Chinese new energy vehicle company sales amount ranking until the end of Oct, 2017; in the exactly vehicle sales ranking, JMEV’s E200 achieved 8th in this ranking with 12507 units sales, and E100 achieved 12th of this ranking with 7249 units sales.  

Developing A level new energy vehicle platform, first A0 level SUV will be released

According to Chinese JACCPCM statistics, electric MPV’s sales amount in Oct, 2017 was 52,400 units, and 34,300 units of the sales amount was achieved by A00 level electric vehicles. Comparative growth on moving base is 16%, and year-on-year growth is 210%. So, we can see that developing mini electric vehicle should be the sally port of the market shares for the new energy vehicle companies.

But, when JMEV released the latest product plan, it not only focused on mini electric vehicle, and also devoted to build an A level new energy vehicle platform. In the future, this platform will be used on car and SUV, and the endurance mileage will be improved to 350-400 km.

In detail, the exactly products which planned to be released in 2018 will be 7 models in total. There are E100, E200, E200P and E200N as existing mini electric vehicle model, E300 as brand new electric vehicle model, and E400 and E500 as brand new electric SUV model.