JMC S350 has been purchased as police car
by JMIE Updated:2018-01-08 16:40:54

Recently Nanchang Police bulk purchased JMC S350 as police car.

As a police car, not only need excellent quality, and also need the following features so that can fulfill daily usage. 

Great Power

JMC S350 equipped with brand new 2.0L GTDi engine, this engine has strong power output with low fuel consumption.

Conquer the rugged road conditions

JMC S350 remains SUV's “DNA factors”: BorgWarner's TOD 4WD system, Rear axle Eaton mechanical differential lock, separate frame construction and excellent passing ability. With these factors, drivers can easily conquer the rugged road conditions.

Excellent Safety performance

JMC S350 not only has solid body construction, but also equipped with Bosch version 9.1 ESP system, which makes high-speed turning more leisurely, and also equipped with Pressure-Sensor Based TPMS, which can avoid the risk of blowout initiatively, so that can ensure drivers' safety at utmost.

Varies high-tech specifications

In the daily police duty, high-tech measures have already taken the important place. So as a police car, it also should be equipped with enough high-tech specifications. JMC S350 equipped with interactive system between mobile phone and vehicle, and 360°parking image system, highly increased efficiency of police daily duty. 

JMC S350 was purchased as police car many times previously, it represent the recognition by police government, and also became the evidence of JMC S350’s excellent quality.