So Young!


S330 is a brand-new City SUV made by Jiangling Motors, jointed venture with Ford. It is produced completely according to Ford Global Standard from design, R&R, sourcing, to manufacturing.

So young! Watch me

Above the giant foot is the iconic family whale mouth front grill of JMC SUV, dynamic sexy waist and avant-garde suspended roof. That's what young should be.

So young! Into me

Based on the quality of interior materials and fine workmanship, highlighting integrated touch control panel and barrel type instrument cluster, personalized triangle central armrest in addition,constructed a space so young.

So young! Drive me

The engine 1.5L-GTDI is co-designed with AVL List GmbH, Austria, matched with dual continuous variable VVT and Continental direct injection technology, bursts out 120KW and 250 Nm torque. Let's hit the road while we are still young.

So young! With me

Ultra high strength steel is fundamental garantee for passive safty. For S330, about 50% of the body is using the special steel to improve the overall strength of vehicle. And the well-known ABS/EBD, ESP, TCS, BAS, HHC are also essential.

Specifications for S330