Medium-SUV for Tough Man

Brand new S350

By sharing the Global Sourcing Platform with Ford, more than 5000 parts test, 1,900,000km driving test, the quality of S350 is worry free.

Visual impact

The S350 grand SUV, with its plump contour, streamlined and smoothy waist, sparks magnificent, firmness, flexibility, and strong sense of sports. The most attractive is the front bumper with forward design,and the three-dimensional grille design, creating an atmosphere of dynamic and luxury and elegance.

Extraordinary inch

Every inch of space shins glory of human nature, each inch of skin texture, tells the fine quality, we always pursue more humane and comfortable configuration and more sophisticated manufacturing process, giving you a pleasant experience. S350 let you enjoy the extraordinary surprise from the ordinary.

Powerful adaption

Setting the target forward, steps will be more powerful. S350 equipped an 2.0L GTDi engine, matching with the international advanced 6 speed AT, the frontier technology brings excellent dynamic performance. Meanwhile, i-AWD system and frame-on-body structure make S350 adaptable enough to resond any terrainfreely.

Strictly safe

Having responsibility and the courage all the way, the new S350 is manufactured by strictly following the top and stringent testing standards. Almost 98%of steel plates for the frame are of high strength, and the average thickness of body steel is surprizing to 1.25mm. Surprize goes more like Surround View Monitor(SVM), TPMS, etc.

Specifications for S350