Overview of JMC Touring

JMC Touring inherits from Ford Classic Transit,it has best quality and highest cost-effective feature because of JMC's 30 years manufacturing experience of Van. 

Transforming from the classic

JMC Touring is combined both classic and modernize style of outlook design, with classic outline and modernize front grille & sharp headlights, these elements are highlighted the style of JMC Touring : Not only inherits from the classic, but also surpasses the classic.

Upgrading from the classic

JMC Touring adopts high class interior, which is fashionable and practical. Besides, the maximum available space of JMC Touring can be reached 8.4 m3, and Touring adopts the design of double tail-gates (being able to be opened as wide as 180°), so it should be easier for loading and unloading the goods.

Enhancing from the classic

JMC Touring is equipped with an 85 KW high-pressure common-rail engine, which is learned from ISUZU's engine technology. The engine can bring the maximum torque at 285 NM/2000 RPM to Touring by cooperating with BOSCH SCR and GETRAG 5MT. Morevoer, it only takes 8.12 seconds speeding up to 60 km/hr from 0, but the fuel consumption can be as low as 6.55 L/100 km.

Expanding from the classic

With all metal closed frameless body, JMC Touring gets tougher and safer. In order to ensure the Van’s steering ability while braking, JMC Touring is equipped with ABS and EBD. In the tail of the Van, Touring embedded 4 parking radar, which can detect the rear obstacles within a large area.

Specification for Touring