The Best Clean Energy Car,


Comfortable Travel Starts Here

Fashion Indicator

With Dazzling headlights, colorful digital instrument panels, exudes fashion temperament from the inside out, it gives you the most satisfying visual enjoyment. Dynamic and succinct body shape, with dazzling LED daytime running lights, what’s more, it’s equipped with cool diamond cutting aluminum alloy wheels, comfortable travel starts here.

Exquisite Furnishings

The new version is smart upgraded with 9-inch high-definition touch screen, 24-hour online car network and other 8 smart super-equipments, the automatic cool/warm air-conditioning, and other multiple practical configurations as entertainment, bringing extraordinary enjoyment of body and mind, only For better travel.

Superior Quality

It’s Powerful and smooth. With Permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum output power is 41Ps (30kW), and maximum torque 150N•m. the Strictly selected ternary lithium battery brings high-energy continuous voyage course of 252kM and 1-hour fast charging. It’s the most intimate family travel tool, which is easy to maintain at Low commuting costs.

Safety Butler

It’s Safe and considerate, which is shown in the many details of the car design as ABS, EBD, uphill auxiliary, high-efficiency battery etc., the overall control of material selection and the insistence on quality is the premise of safety.


Specifications for E200N