New Youth SUV



In your opinion, what’s your expectations for an SUV? A domineering appearance, or a stylish and dynamic style? Landwind X2 has all these elements combined, which was designed for today’s young men, fulfil all your imagination about New Youth SUV.

Personalized Appearance

Landwind X2 combines the aesthetic design of Chinese and Western. It uses irregular chrome-plating in front of the car, which becomes an inimitable symbol of Landwind X2. Besides, it creates simple and dynamic style by equipping with ultra sized grille and sharp LED Daytime Running Light.

More Attractive Inside

Landwind X2 equipped with double color or black monochromatic leather seat, reveals a good taste and high quality. And also equipped with versatile steering wheel, which embedded-in a Cruise Control button.

To be the Best among Your Friends

Landwind X2 embedded the advanced Platinum dynamic combination, naturally aspirated 1.6L engine cooperates with Japan Aisin 4AT, which has the maximum power at 92KW and the rated torque at 160N·m. Meanwhile, Landwind X2 has 2560mm extra-long wheelbase as well as Large SUV, makes it has larger space than the same level SUV. Moreover, 6 directions adjustment is supported for the main driving seat. Therefore, drivers can start their journey by using any posture, more comfortable, and more pleasure.

Flowing Geek Blood of Technology

Landwind X2 equipped with the world’s top level ESP system - BOSCH ESP. With this system, drivers can do the turning precisely and stable even on the slippery ground. Moreover, X2 also equipped with American TRW EPS system, which makes the SUV more stability at high speed status. In addition, the HD Rear View Camera makes the view of car tail more clearly.

Specifications for X2