New Transboundary SUV



As LANDWIND accumulated the experiences of SUV manufacturing for 14 years, the trans boundary SUV LANDWIND X3 is emerged at this moment. Based on rich self-developing experience, LANDWIND breaks the SUV barrier bravely, combining SUV's wildness and Sedan's elegant, leading you to live our your own style.

Show off your unique personality

LANDWIND X3 is equipped with Hawkeye LED headlight, which is durable and more approaching the nature daylight. Multi-function rear-view mirror is protecting your eyes by adopting LED optical constant current technology. Slim German style vehicle body combines with Chinese style front grille, is meaning to collide gorgeous sparks in the appearance design of Landwind X3.

Enjoy your distinctive dynamic

The design of high profile cabin cooperates with multi-layered dynamic style interior and spotted with the type C red elements, showing high-end demeanour of LANDWIND X3. The seats are designed by the global famous brand “Lear”, offering stronger protection for the driver by better lateral support and containment. Moreover, panoramic sunroof gives you another angle to discover a more beautiful landscape.

Starting your ongoing ambition

LANDWIND X3 is equipped with brand new 1.5T GTDI engine, this engine was developed by JMC Group, along with Ford’s technology support. Besides, by equipping with Belgium Punch's most updated CVT, the stability and comfort of power are being improved. The chassis was adjusted by British Horiba Mira Team, ensuring X3's constant stability. Moreover, keyless start-up is designed to achieving a further improvement in user experience.

Relaxing your shielded journey

LANDWIND X3 is equipped with 7 in 1 driving safety system, nip the emergency in bud. A 360 degree dynamic trace of panoramic images and reversing images, make the parking as an easy affair. The front seats are equipped with four air bags, cooperating with TPMS and the design of safe rear guard beam, let you feel the most secure than ever.

Specifications for X3