City Super SUV

in the name of


Super, from the face

Two sharp side lines running through the waist, upright and full of tension, corresponding to the fastback roof design , which expresses a Super SUV stance, being poised to speeding-up.

Super, to the inside

Modern & fashion interior design, compact but spacious, well integrated styling with function. The Center Console, classic symmetrical design, interspersed with smooth lines.

Super, of the power

The Racing Car Engine, Mitsubishi “Red Head” 4G63T 2.0T , takes just 10.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km, while fuel consumption for 100 km is also only around 8.5L.

Super, for the safety

X5 is solid as much as you need. High level of enclosed topology structure body , distributed with greatly strengthened steel and well applied with energy absorbing design.

Specifications for X5